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British Drum Company iTap

I was introduced to the iTap a few months ago at one of the Mike Dolbear webshow recordings. It was a nice concept. A small flat wooden instrument with snare wires on the underside which you could play with your hands (or, as I was told, with brushes as well).

Interesting. Something that was inexpensive that I didn’t have already which filled a little bit of a void in terms of one of those times when a drum kit is too much and buying something like a full size cajon is just impractical.

As we’ve established, the iTap is a small, portable, acoustic, percussion instrument made of wood that is designed for all genres of music. In addition, it can also be used for educational and therapy work.

As a product, it’s 100% designed and made in Britain. Probably one of the iTap’s biggest selling points though is that it is the same size as a sheet of A4 paper and only 12mm thick, or about the same size of a full size iPad. Definitely portable then…

The playing surface is made from grade A birch ply and features a high density acoustic back allowing the iTap to be played with hands, brushes or even rods. 

As you’ll see from the video and photos, the iTap has a smooth playing surface, with the snare wires being visible on the underside, along with the soft foam strips which allow you to place it on any surface.

You can play the iTap between your legs, in a snare stand or also via the separate specifically designed mount attached to a cymbal stand. For the video, I just went with a snare stand as it was easier.

Anyway, my overall experience and verdict of the iTap is... very cool.

In terms of practical applications, there’s some very obvious things you can do with the iTap;

the acoustic gig – if you do a lot of these already, the iTap could fit right in as a new voice.

the jam round your mate’s place working out new tunes – why lug a snare and stand around you could just slip this and some brushes in your bag?

the substitute for maybe a cajon or similar – maybe a little more of a push, but then again, for me, I don’t own a cajon and this would give me something ballpark sounding without having to actually buy a full size instrument. Winner.

So there you go. For someone like me, this instrument provides a very practical alternative to something I do occasionally need and it’s a lot cheaper than spending my cash on anything bigger.

To see the iTap being played to its fullest, check out the videos here -

David Bateman

December 2016

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