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Zildjian News - Cymbals, Beer(!), Software and People

Zildjian Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of K Custom Hybrid Cymbals

The Avedis Zildjian Company is proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of its most popular cymbal lines, the K Custom Hybrid line of cymbals.  Developed in 2006 in collaboration with legendary drummer, Akira Jimbo, the K Custom Hybrid models combine an unlathed, brilliant finish on the inner half of each cymbal with the traditionally finished K Zildjian lathing on the outer half.  This results in the possibility of two different sound dynamics depending where the cymbal is played.  Additionally, the unlathed section helps to control the wash and sustain, rendering them ideal for recording sessions and live performances.

To commemorate this anniversary, Zildjian once again worked with Akira Jimbo to create a Limited Edition pair of 14” K Custom Hybrid Reversible HiHats.  Unlike standard HiHats, the Reversible Hats do not have a designated “top” or “bottom” cymbal, meaning each is interchangeable, giving you greater variety of tonal possibilities with a single pair.

On one cymbal, the inner half features the popular half lathed/half unlathed finish found with the current K Custom Hybrid line. 

On the other cymbal, the inner half has a traditional finish, while the outer half is unlathed with a brilliant finish. This cymbal also features the innovative “reverse Mastersound edge hammering” which eliminates airlock where areas between hammer marks strike the other cymbal, creating a softer Mastersound tone.

The Limited Edition 14” K Custom Reversible HiHats are now available until the end of 2016.  For more information on these cymbals and the K Custom Hybrid line, please visit

Zildjian & Harpoon Collaborate To Make Music For Your Taste Buds – US Only!

Introducing Harpoon Secret Alloy Ale, a Pale Ale brewed in collaboration between two Boston-based companies, Zildjian and Harpoon Brewery.

Each ingredient in this Pale Ale shapes its personality. Centennial and Equinox hops give a fruity aroma of mango and passion fruit. A nod to Zildjian''s recipe, this beer is brewed with an 80/20 split of caramel malts giving the beer its golden copper colour. The finish is smooth.

“We all had a great time working with Zildjian on this beer, and we have several drummers here at the brewery who have been especially excited about this collaboration,” says Dan Kenary, Harpoon CEO & Co-Founder. “To be able to work with a like-minded, local, great company who produces the most revered cymbals in the world has been a once in a lifetime experience. Music is part of our daily lives at the brewery – and to us it’s a big part of loving beer and loving life. In fact, one of our resident drummers played on the brew deck on the day this beer was being brewed. So not only was this beer musically inspired, it’s musically infused!”    

“When we first met with Harpoon’s team, we found a lot of similarities between making cymbals and brewing beer.  Both processes are led by a team of craftsmen working in the Boston area fuelled by a passion and dedication to making the finest products for a loyal fan base,” said Craigie Zildjian, CEO of Zildjian.

Harpoon Secret Alloy Ale is currently only available in the United States at select locations. For more information and a list of U.S. store locator, please visit 

Harpoon Secret Alloy Ale Specs:

Style: Pale Ale

ABV: 7.2%

IBUs: 41

Color: 20 EBC

Harpoon Secret Alloy Ale Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Golden/Copper

Aroma: Mango, passionfruit, slight sweetness

Mouth feel: Medium body

Taste: Slightly bitter, hoppy, hoppy fruit

Finish: Smooth

Zildjian Announces The Launch Of New And Improved Gen16 Access Tool

The Avedis Zildjian Company announces the release of a new and improved Access Tool for the innovative Zildjian Gen16 Acoustic Electric Cymbal System.  The new Gen16 Access Tool improves the user experience by using “drummer friendly” terms and much simpler, easy to use controls – all on two screens.  The Gen16 Access Tool is available to download for free at

The Access Tool can be used on a Mac or PC and the program enables drummers to create personalized sounds within the Digital Cymbal Processor.  There are now 99 cymbal tone shape preset slots in each individual channel and 99 kit presets in the new “kit mode,” allowing drummers to mix and match their favorite cymbal presets or add their own customized presets.  Additional improvements were made in the Editor Mode, using simplified graphics and language that enables the customizing of the powerful DSP effects in the Digital Cymbal Processor to be easier than ever. 

For more information on Gen16 and the new Access Tool, please visit

Zildjian Appoints Victor Filonovich To Cymbals Category Manager

The Avedis Zildjian Company has announced that Victor Filonovich has been appointed Category Manager, Cymbals effective immediately.  Filonovich joins Zildjian from Latin Percussion and brings over 25+ years of experience working with artists, dealers, distributors and consumers on developing compelling drum/percussion products and successful sales programs.  

Filonovich was recently the Global Director of Product Management for both Latin Percussion and Toca Percussion.  Filonovich worked at LP for 24 years, managing and leading the development and implementation of numerous new products including 5 U.S. Patents.  Prior to LP, Filonovich worked for Pearl Drums.

In his new role, Filonovich will manage the development of Zildjian’s historic line of drum set, marching and orchestral cymbals, continuing to drive innovation and quality for drummers of all abilities around the world.

Filonovich is an avid drummer, speaks fluent Russian and has relocated to Norwell from New Jersey.

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