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From The Frontline - Myke Heath Blog - March 16

The Wounded Kings are still sitting on our hands waiting for news from the record company about a release date for our new album and all the other stuff that goes with it. Iím trying to stay level headed but Iím beginning to struggle to sit still and just gagging to get out and play.

We have a couple of festival shows over Easter and early April which will be great and weíll get to play some of the new material weíve recently recorded for the first time. How can I really complain? Itís very niche music and we now have the support of one of the biggest record companies in the whole world so itís a very fortunate situation but itís a bit like a meal with your granny: pleased that she made the effort but you wished you had just politely declined the invitation. You know no harm was intended but you came away afterwards feeling slightly sullied. I could do more drumming elsewhere but I donít want to start on something else and then have to abandon it because the record company have finally come up with the goods and decide to release our music! It might just have to be a chance Iíll have to take. There has been some discussion about potential dates but it doesnít line up exactly as we hoped but thatís just something weíll have to roll with. Once everything is all agreed and in place Iím sure the diary will fill up very quickly.

Guitar Killer

I have some new bits and bobs to play with and some new heads to try. Itís difficult to balance time with my wife at the moment and the use of the single car we share to be able to get some time in the practice room and fiddle, but for now I can annoy the hell out of everyone else during rehearsals with my newly acquired cowbell. A common favourite with guitarists I find! Iíve also just got a very lovely Natal Arcadia Acrylic snare drum to try out too. Itís a 14Ē x 8Ē and Iíve played acrylic drums before but itís the first acrylic snare Iíve owned, so Iím super intrigued to see how it sounds. It looks too cool to not sound good! I did finally get to play it in the rehearsal room but I need some more time to refine it but first impressions are itís a bit of a monster. Itís got a real thump to it and a very pronounced overtone but I think with a more careful ear and some fine tuning itís gonna be spot on. The two 24Ē cymbals to my right still seem to be working and itís a lot of fun to play. I need to extend my drum mat somehow to accommodate the bigger footprint but itís not like itís moving anywhere when I do hit it!

As anyone tried or seen the Masshoff snare drum tuning method? If you havenít seen it then I would highly recommend checking it out here Itís totally eccentric and so crazy that it might just work! I havenít tried it yet but I definitely will. Iím sure some peopleís heads will explode though. So thatís how I entertain and educate myself in these times of inactivity with endless YouTube videos. Iíve seen everything from cleaning your cymbals with tomato ketchup (does actually work but Iím not taking responsibility for recommending it) to playing 80ís computer game theme tunes on the drums. I been building up a reasonable list of various things I want to add to my set up which I know is fairly normal for drummers and all other musicians but surprisingly itís not something Iíve done for quite a long time and Iíve forgotten how much fun it is. Iím in the process of moving to a new house with quite a reasonable sized garage so I could be about to get myself into a lot of domestic trouble.The practice room that I use out on the edge of town with my other band, Ten Percenter, has recently just shed itís corrugated roof courtesy of storm Imogen and the guys are kind enough to let me store my extra drum stuff there, but it might be quite timely if I can now store the gear back at home and it gives my more time to play with it too. Youíre never too old to have toys to play with!

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