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Drum Ambition Launches

Drum Ambition Launched

After 14 months of development and pre-production; Drum Ambition has now officially launched. Shot in stunning HD with 8 different camera angles; Drum Ambition features on-screen scrolling music notation, downloadable sheet music, audio-files, special feature videos, news, glossary and blog. All of this is hosted on our interactive website. Designed specifically for beginner drummers, Drum Ambition is the complete one-stop destination for beginner drum education, presented by Simon DasGupta. 

10 Facts About Drum Ambition.

1) What is Drum Ambition?

Launched in January 2016; Drum Ambition is a website that provides video drum lessons for beginner drummers - Founded and Presented by Simon DasGupta. Our target market is beginner drummers who:

a) Are working with a teacher and would like to use our service as a low-cost supplement to lessons.

b) Have not made a decision on a drum teacher or the value of physical drum lessons.

c) May not be able to afford a teacher.

d) Have no geographical access to a local teacher.

We are not trying to compete against teachers - see note 7.

* Drum Ambition will also be a useful resource to more experienced drummers who wish to learn music notation.

2) Who Is Simon DasGupta?

Simon DasGupta is the Founder and Presenter of Drum Ambition. He runs a highly successful teaching studio in San Diego, California; San Diego Drum Lessons. Simon has been teaching drums for over 20 years, and his playing background includes Cruise Ships, Theatre, Television, and Radio.

3) How many video lessons are there?

Drum Ambition will consist of four modules, of which module one has now launched. In module one, there are 35 videos, each lasting an average of 10 minutes in duration. 20 are drum set instruction videos, 10 are music notation and reading videos. There are also Special Feature Videos on topics such as grip, bass drum technique, positioning and posture. During our videos, the music notation appears on the screen and is highlighted by a scrolling line when the note is played.

4) What other features are there?

There are also downloadable PDF files to accompany each lesson, audio files featuring "bonus beats", blog, news features, and a comprehensive glossary of terms. All of this is hosted on our interactive website.

5) What makes Drum Ambition different to other drum lesson websites?

Drum Ambition is backed by a bricks and mortar teaching business, where we routinely help student drummers achieve their goals. Our videos are specifically designed for the beginner drummer, and are delivered in a structured, methodical and entertaining way - by one teacher. It is not hundreds of hours of confusing and intimidating footage with multiple instructors. It is also priced extremely competitively.

6) How much will it cost?

USD$14.99 per month. Memberships may be cancelled at any time. Payments are taken by Stripe, a highly secure payment facility. There is also FREE content available on our website.

7) Will Drum Ambition upset local drum teachers?

It shouldn''t. We go to great lengths in our videos to highlight the importance of working with a teacher. Furthermore, we have created "Drum Ambition Connect" - a service that connects our customers with local teachers when they are ready to make that step. This service is FREE to members and teachers. 

8) Social responsibility.

Drum Ambition''s social charter "Drumming for Good" supports global initiatives by donating $1 per month from every subscription to a chosen charity.

9) Social Media.

Links to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds can be seen below the signature panel.

10) Partners and Testimonials. 

We are in partnership with Yamaha Drums, Zildjian, Meinl Percussion, Vic Firth, Evans, Protection Racket and Audix. We also have testimonials from Thomas Lang, Gregg Bissonette and Rich Redmond.

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