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Share | Features @ NAMM 2016

Many years ago, was one of the very first media outlets to go around the NAMM show each year, filming the new drum gear, doing videos, creating photos libraries and interviewing the great and famous drummers who we met at the same time. The days were spent filming, the evening spent uploading. It was four days of non-stop gear frenzy. 

This continued for quite a few years. Until...

At NAMM 2015 there was over 120 media outlets, doing precisely what we''d been doing, obviously not just drums, but all areas of the industry. The growth of social media meant that there was so much accessible information concerning the gear available, that it was all being duplicated and watered down. At times it was hard to get from one stand to another without tripping over another camera crew or microphone-clutching journo.

So it was time for a change.

So for NAMM 2016 Mike wanted to do a more in-depth and professionally filmed features on selected companies within the rough theme of the Mike Dolbear Web Shows that were first seen in 2015. 

So, what follows are the first features from NAMM 2016. We hope you like them. We know that we caught some people by surprise (we were asked by companies when we were going to come and film our regular ''slot''). We also know that they have gone down very well with the viewing public (thank you).

So settle back, grab a tea and enjoy.

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