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Josh Devine

As the monster that is One Direction (temporarily) stops, Mike talks to Josh Devine about the whirlwind of the last four years, and what happens next

Added: 1 November 2015


Gavin Harrison

Gavin Harrison has just finished his latest album - a very long project which he's fitted in around everything else that he's been doing - and is just about to release it. He talks to Mike Dolbear about recording the album and the plan behind it, as well as talking about what it's like to play with two other drummers in the latest incarnation of King Crimson which is also in the UK later this year.

Added: 5 April 2015


Pete Ray Biggin

From Amy Winehouse to Incognito to Level 42, Pete Ray Biggin has gone from an unknown competition winner to a true monster of the modern pop scene. Vicky went to talk to him and find out how it all happened.

Added: 19 March 2015


Don Lombardi

Just before the Winter NAMM 2015, Mike went and met up with Don Lombardi from DW. A few days before, it had been announced that DW had purchased a load of brands from Fender. Included in the brands was Gretsch which caused a lot of uncertainty in the market. Here we give Don the chance to explain what is happening, why it happened and what we can all expect in the future.

Added: 29 January 2015


Hal Blaine

Earlier this year Mike went to meet up with Hal Blaine, the drumming legend who has played on more hit records than any other drummer. Mike talked to him about his life, life in the studio and his legacy and you can hear it here in this two parter...

Added: 5 January 2015



Clem Burke

Clem Burke is one of the most influential pop/rock drummers of the last 40 years. You only have to see and hear him play live once to understand what is means to put on a great show, play musically and how to really and truly power a band. Mike caught up with him to see what he's been up to.

Added: 16 December 2014


Stanton Moore

Stanton Moore has probably introduced the concept of New Orleans drumming to more drummers than any other. He's coming over to the UK for a clinic and masterclass tour in October 2014 so in preparation, Mike caught up with him in London recently where they did this interview...

Added: 5 September 2014


JoJo Mayer

We all know JoJo Mayer now, but years ago he was an obscure drummer who lived in New York who was new to all of us. In this latest part of Life Stories, JoJo tell us how he got to be the drummer he is today, what influenced him and how he came to push the envelope quite so hard.

Added: 15 July 2014


Richard Bailey

Vicky Osterberg talks to Richard Bailey about Jeff Beck, Incognito and how he started to hate the sound of his drums.

Added: 16 July 2014


Aaron Sterling

Chances are you wont have heard of Aaron Sterling, but you will have heard him play. He's one of the busiest studio guys in the US, but recently John Mayer has managed to persuade him to go out on the road. Mike caught up with him at the O2 in London to find out why he's been under the public's radar for so long.

Added: 3 July 2014


Gavin Harrison

In the second part of Life Stories, Gavin Harrison talks about how sitting in the studio with a big band as a child was so influential on his music career. He talks about how he got to where he is now and how you've got to be in control of every aspect. A brilliant listen.

Added: 1 June 2014

Thomas Lang

This is the first of the new 'Life Stories' podcast feature, where we talk to drumers about their background, how they got playing, their homelife and how they got to the point where we first heard of them. To start us off, we are lucky enough to have Thomas Lang who spoke to Mike while they were on Thomas's recent UK clinic tour about growing up in Austria...
Added: 1 May 2014

Benny Greb

It’s been a little while since we did an interview with Benny himself so Rob Crisp caught up with him at the Meinl Drum Festival 2013 in Gothenburg, to talk drum camps, becoming the leader of his own band and a second, eagerly awaited DVD.
Added: 26 Feb 2014

Chris Coleman

I first met Chris 12 years ago just after he won the Guitar Centre drum competition. He has since gone on to work with New Kids On The Block, Chaka Khan, and Stanley Clarke to name a few. We caught up at the London legendary "Ronnie Scotts" club where he was playing with Lee Ritenour and we talked about everything from what gospel drumming is, working with big Russian artists, to his recent work with Prince and Stevie Wonder
Added: 26 Feb 2014

Matt Helders

In the first podcast, Mike talks to Matt about the last few years with the band and the big move to Los Angeles.
Added: 26 Feb 2014

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