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What should I refer to when linking to or writing about the site?
If you are linking to us or referring to the website(s) it should be as "" (all lowercase) and not "Mike Dolbear", the latter being the person and the former being the banner for the actual "organisation".

Is there a Terms of Use for the site?
There's three actually.
The main site -
The Forum -
The Classifieds -
Please familiarise yourself with Terms of Use for those areas you use.

How long has the site been running?
The first version of the site was launched in November 2000. A year later we updated it, making it database driven to allow for more updates to me made on the fly. In July 2005 we launched the current version of the site which includes our new Classifieds site.

Why don’t you do any news or reviews on my favourite drums?
We can only bring you the news that is sent to us. If a manufacturer doesn’t send it in, we can bring you news about them, or review their product.

How to I contact you?
See the Contact Us page

How do I find out more about the Young Drummer of the year competition?
All is revealed at

How do I advertise?
We offer a number of advertisement packages. You can advertise on the main site or on our classifieds site. All options are listed on our advertisement page– here.

What other websites do you run? – Where you can create you own free web page – The Young Drummer competition website
Our online shop can be found at
Our Classifieds site can be found at

Can you sponsor my event?
We get a number of emails asking us to “get involved” in events around the country. The level of involvement can vary from simply reviewing it to full sponsorship. If you would like us to get involved, simply email with as much detail as possible.


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